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Future trends in leather industry

It is expected that raw materials coming from animals such as buffalo, yak, camel, ostrich, deer and kangaroo, which are available in limited or very small amounts, will become increasingly important. Estimates put these raw materials at around 1% of total world supply, although a figure closer to 2% may be more accurate. pigs and […]

Leather industry & raw material

The leather industry relies on by-products of the meat and dairy industries for over 95% of its raw materials. Consequently, raw material supplies reflected population growth throughout the 20th century. The ratio of cattle populations (by far the primary source of leather raw material) and leather produced to the size of human populations has remained […]

Future Trends in the World Leather and Leather Products Industry and Trade

This study assesses the worldwide prospects of the leather and leather products industry in the coming decade. It examines the major underlying trends of recent years and how they are expected to evolve in the short to medium term. In its attempt to provide a thorough picture of the leather sector, the report covers its […]

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